Little Rascals Ferret Shelter
Harleysville, PA
Shelter Director - Betty Ruth Yerger

Betty has been sheltering for several years now. She was always a cat and rabbit person, having birds for years as well. When she first forayed into the ferret world she jumped foot first. She even adopted a group of 9 ferrets before becoming a shelter director.

Like all in-home shelters, Betty has a section of her house dedicated to her shelter. There every ferret or group of ferrets has their own cage where Betty has them labeled by name, what kind of food they like, and any medications. She also keeps track of how long they have been in the shelter (in addition to knowing that by memory). Betty’s attention to detail helps keep us all in line when it comes to paperwork. She does the majority of the surrender and adoption screenings for us in addition to running her shelter full time.

Betty is also active in her church choir and plays the piano and tennis.