Throughout any given year hundreds of ferrets pass through our care. Every ferret is vetted and fed a high quality diet. They have cages full of comfy bedding and toys available during their run times. Many of them are older and require a lot of medical care. All of these things cost money. Adoption fees help, but do not even cover our initial cost of vet visits, ADV testing, and vaccines.

How can you help? There are many ways and some do not require any money.

**Tervis Tumblers**
We are taking orders for Tervis Tumblers from now until mid-February. We will be offering their stock designs and a custom tumbler with our logo. Be sure to contact us to order some! There will be images on our
Facebook Page soon and you can use this link to start your order.

100 Ticket Raffle
Right now we are selling raffle tickets
online, at AFA shows, and through our shelter directors. These tickets are $10 each. Each ticket is linked to one of our prizes. Each prize only has 100 tickets available for purchase. That means each ticket has a 1 out of 100 chance of winning. As soon as the 100 tickets for that prize are sold a winner will be drawn for that prize.

Clothing Drive
Need to clean our your closet? Have old towels, blankets, curtains, bags, shoes, etc. laying around the house? We can take them. Our first drive was small, but we gathered nearly 1,000 pounds. Any shelter director can take your donation. You can also email to arrange a way to drop off donations to one of our volunteers. This fundraiser will be ongoing. Once we have enough to take or have picked up, then we make those arrangements.

Aluminum Cans
Recycling is important and aluminum recycling pays. One of our volunteers lives near a steel mill and the scrap prices in that area are great since the mill makes all of its steel from recycled materials. Right now just the shelter and our volunteers are gathering $5-$10 worth of aluminum cans per month. Just like your coin jars, every little bit adds up in the end. If you are willing to save cans for us, please email to arrange a way to get them to us. To test your cans, use a magnet. If the magnet doesn’t stick, we can take it. This includes cat/pet food cans!